November 27, 2011


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Madness And God
“I’m a skeptic who believes in God” David
an Experiential Non-linear Non-Story Documentary
geo geller
contact: geo (at)

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Excerpt from Psycho-Phobia conversation on visions and voices more on Psycho-Phobia

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Psycho-Phobia conversation on visions and voices  (complete talk)

note: just stumbled on this conversation between david and myself and newly put up but recorded earlier 2010 for a short lived cbs radio show

      1. david-bible-complete-10-8-2010


      2. david-phone-knowledge-spiritual--pride-8-25-2012

Madness And God, david phone, talking among other things about clairvoyance vision religion questioning church psychosis freud climb into scriptures

      3. david=me-phone-clairvoyance-vision-religion-questioning-church-psychosis-freud-scriptures-god

…Pride in “knowledge is there when there is a lack of faith  but faith is always humbling”

audio conversations about this about page

Today Is Everybody is Everybody Else Day and Beyond (phone) 10/07/2007

Kaballah and Beyond   9/19/2011

David in conversation me and Chris Muth of Restoring Paradise at Chelsea Sq Diner 6/26/2011

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