March 30, 2008

Welcome to MadnessAndGod

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Madness And God
My Dear Friend & Brother from another mother David left his body behind Jan 15, 2017
“I’m a skeptic who believes in God” David
an Experiential Non-linear Non-Story Documentary
geo geller
contact: geo (at)

excerpts of david from “Invisible Self”, “Psycho-Phobia”, “Future Of Dying” “Meditation and Mental Illness”

NOTE: MadnessAndGod is non-linear – pick any link below and see if it grabs your attention and if not jump to something else – who knows what you might discover

MadnessAndGod is an ongoing work in progress audio documentary from phone and in person conversations – and soon to be book/play/multi-media presentation etc… conversation with some of my friends who have unique perspectives on both God and Madness and Madness in God and God in Madness – there is probably over hundred hours of conversation this is just a small part – also please be aware that what you are about to hear is the long form of an on going conversation and lightly edited to protect the innocent – also be aware we take no ressponsibility for any unintended consequences, vision, incantations, delusions whether they are real or not – and keep an open mind you might surprise yourself and also there is no beginning and ending so start where you start and end up where you end up (looking in the mirror mirror on the wall) also please feel free to leave comment too

the audio with intro in the playlist below – art excerpts intended to be a somewhat in depth introduction via excerpts from our conversations in the MadnessAndGod journey into the mind and beyond

the link to about page here and above has some background audio on the making of the about page and the introduction intro files in the playlist all files are also available in playlist below too

“knowledge is there when there is a lack of faith but if you have the faith the knowledge can be an impediment, because you can puff yourself up on knowledge and pride but faith is always humbling”

Preface as per Davids wishes – please listen to first 2 conversations then about the about page has more relevance too – some are duplicate players give the changing landscape of mobile not everything works on all mobile platforms

note: just stumbled on this conversation between david and myself and newly put up but recorded earlier 2010 for a short lived cbs radio show

      1. david-bible-complete-10-8-2010


      2. david-phone-knowledge-spiritual--pride-8-25-2012

Madness And God, david phone, talking among other things about clairvoyance vision religion questioning church psychosis freud climb into scriptures

      3. david=me-phone-clairvoyance-vision-religion-questioning-church-psychosis-freud-scriptures-god

…Pride in “knowledge is there when there is a lack of faith  but faith is always humbling”

audio conversations about this about page

Today Is Everybody is Everybody Else Day and Beyond (phone) 10/07/2007

Kaballah and Beyond   9/19/2011

David in conversation me and Chris Muth of Restoring Paradise at Chelsea Sq Diner 6/26/2011

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