March 30, 2008

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Madness And God
My Dear Friend & Brother from another mother David Waldorf left his body behind Jan 15, 2017
“I’m a skeptic who believes in God” David
an Experiential Non-linear Non-Story Documentary
geo geller
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David Waldorf
excerpted from LM film

“On Spiritual Pride & Knowledge: Knowledge is there when there is a lack of faith,
but if you have the faith the knowledge can be an impediment, because you can puff
yourself up on knowledge and pride but faith is always humbling”

NOTE: MadnessAndGod is an ongoing work in progress audio/video documentary from phone and in person conversations
Preface as per Davids wishes – please listen to first then about the about page has more relevance too

audio conversations about this about page
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you are about to enter the world of God and Madness and Madness in God and God in Madness and into the crucible and out of it

audio from phone conversation of the behind the scenes from the conversation in the making of this about page (see below) including insights into schizophrenia and the scriptures and davids approval of this project and page (you can turn off or on the audio which starts up automatically by clicking on the audio player below) also more introduction excerpts at bottom of page

MadnessAndGod came out of an ongoing conversation that explores the unimaginable and beyond – david (not real name) has been diagnosed with severe mental illness, schizo-effective schizophrenia and what some of his friends lovingly call a God disease

david knows the world of horrors and ecstacy of madness, delusions, voices, visions, signs and signals and has his own provocative understanding of them including denying and not putting credence in the landscape of such things –

david has learned some compelling reality checks to keep him from getting carried away in addition to the foundation of the scriptures to walk upon rather then rumors and hearsays of the unconscious

if i may say what you are about to hear is excerpts of conversations between “dear” friends who over the course of many years have developed a relationship based on respect, love and shared interest in both madness, god and each other though david and i have our differences those differences never have stood in our way or our friendship as long as he agrees with me 🙂

what i hope you walk away with from my perspective is food for thought, an open heart and open minded as you enter with us into a timeless spaceless voyage into the beyond – my intention is not to lead you neither too religion or away from it but possibly to a deeper understanding of ourselves of yourself as i have of myself

dave has spent many years in and out of madness and mental institutions and knows the other side of hell and heaven and delusions

in the course of davids life he has studied many of the known, little known, obscure religions and cults and their writings, reading some of them many times over the last 59 years and effortlessly weaves them into our conversations

david was brought up in the Roman Catholic church and for better or worse he sticks to his faith and belief in spite of my dis-belief in organized religion even though we questions man and organized religion and madness in the course of our conversation – Madness And God is a journey without a road map that unfolds in what has been to me some of the most stimulating, thought-provoking, insightful, challenging thoughts i have ever experienced in my life

eventually this will soon grow into a audio reservoir, book/play/multi-media presentation and memoir stay tuned – david also has paintings sculptures and at least two books of poems that are available upon request

thank you for sharing our voyage

geo (at)


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